Substance Abuse Programs

Drug and alcohol testing is a critical aspect of any safety program. Maritime employers often need to have testing programs in place to meet regulatory obligations, charter party agreements or corporate polices.

Anderson-Kelly has screened tens of thousand of mariners for substance abuse on thousands of vessels worldwide. Here are the methods and organizations we use to help keep your operation clean and safe:

Wherever You Are, We're There
Our network of collectors is up to date on current standards and procedures and can perform collections wherever and whenever necessary.

Laboratory and MRO (Medical Review Officer) Services
Depending on your company's needs, we can provide customized lab and MRO services. These services may be set up to include:

Employee Training Programs
We can train your staff on how to perform drug and alcohol collections in the case of serious marine incidents. Our seminars are given on site:

Pre-Placement Drug and Alcohol Testing
To prevent a substance abuser from boarding your ship, our drug and alcohol testing services can be set up as part of your company's pre-placement evaluations.

Program Development and Consultation
We can assist your company in the development and implementation of drug testing policies to satisfy corporate requirements or regulatory obligations.

Drug Testing Supplies
We prepare and send a full set of testing supplies to the ship's captain. These drug testing "kits" can be customized to meet your needs. They will include any or all of the following: specimen collection supplies, on-site testing devices, instructions, customs and CDC clearance documents, and international airbills.

Call 1-800-833-6676 or email us to learn how our maritime expertise can help your company.

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