Functional Capacity Assessment Programs

Functional Capability Assessments or Evaluations (FCE) are critical tools in the prevention of occupational injury and saving you money down the road. An FCE is the process of objectively determining if an individual is capable of performing a series of work-related tasks.

The battery of tests chosen for the FCE should be validated as an objective indicator of the ability to perform a given job. Mariners should possess the strength and endurance necessary to carry out common shipboard tasks, such as lifting, carrying, reaching, climbing ladders, etc. Anderson-Kelly's FCE programs are customized to meet the unique needs of maritime employers.

In addition to applicant testing, FCEs are effective during return to work, rehabilitation and disability situations.

Anderson-Kelly's FCE programs are more than the administration of a test and generation of a report. Our nationwide network of locations was created to assist maritime employers who employ/hire employees from around the country and address the following elements:

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