Fitness for Duty Examinations

Fitness-for-Duty examinations are designed to evaluate a mariner's suitability to work in the maritime environment. Evaluation of the medical information obtained during the examinations and decisions made must be made based on information that is job-specific and consistent with business necessity. The examination should be designed to evaluate a mariner's fitness-for-duty and must be consistently applied to all employees who are being considered for a given job.

Pre-Placement Physical Examinations
These evaluations are the first step in a medical program. They are designed to establish the initial health status of an employee and to determine an employee's ability to execute assigned job duties in a safe and capable manner. The examinations are personalized in accordance with your company policy.
Periodic Physical Examinations
These exams are performed annually or periodically as part of corporate medical or medical surveillance programs. The objective is to monitor changes in the employee's health status.
Return to Work Examinations
After your employee recovers from an illness or injury, we provide Return to Work physicals to ensure he/she is able to return to sea and perform their required job duties.
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